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Bluetooth is terrible in the real world

Bluetooth is amazingly convenient; Bluetooth is frustrating. Bluetooth is extremely useful; Bluetooth doesn’t work. I could go on like this for quite a spell, but I think everyone gets the idea. For every wonderful thing that Bluetooth gives us, there are just as many downsides. Not that there is any expectation of perfection, but it surprises me how pervasive Bluetooth has become even though it has so many flaws.

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Welcome back! (To us)

After a few months of silence, we’re back! Ok, so five months without update is slightly more than a “few”, so we’ll call it “several”. Sadly it’s not the longest string of absence in our history but we were really good there for a little while. The excuse is the typical “life and stuff” combined with “technical issues” and “lazy”. However I’ve finally gotten my act together and gotten everything...

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OpsCrash Episode #3 – Better late than never

We’re continuing our hat-trick streak of weekly OpsCrash episodes. Episode #3 was recorded on Sunday May 22nd, but the posting got a little delay due to… slackers. We managed to finally limit ourselves to just 23 minutes of witty banter covering the latest in: nano wins at SSH, GitLab love fest, custom ASIC for fun and profit, governments always make the best IT choices, dipping your servers in Ranch, and...

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OpsCrash Episode #2 – SPDY is great, HTTP2 is greater

We’re back with Episode #2 of OpsCrash. This week we had some great conversations about a variety of fun topics, including: Why you should definitely store your passwords in Git; The GitHub master race; Everyone always follows the RFC spec, so lets add more cache-controls; Using SPDY because its better than HTTP2; and lastly the future of DevOps is literally yelling at your server. Some of these topics were a...

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OpsCrash Episode #1 – A podcast introduction

Welcome to OpsCrash Episode #1, our brand new podcast that covers all sorts of things: technical operations, devops, servers, hosting, production architecture/systems, IT, and the occasional bonus content. While there are a lot of technology podcasts out there already, we felt that the genre of “running the product” was woefully undeserved. Our goal is to provide you a top quality podcast with content you want to hear, every week –...