Daily Archive: January 24, 2005

Config files from hell 0

Config files from hell

In yet another wonderful twist of fate, the world makes perfect sense. The world may make perfect sense, but Apache’s config files make none what so ever. I setup this Serendipity software on another domain name (same server). Then I set it up here on Snowulf. I re-extracted the tar ball, to get a clean start, and moved the few Apache config’s I need to the new directory setup. It...

Nift New Toys & New Domains 0

Nift New Toys & New Domains

To make a long introduction short… I have a simple life. I spend most of my life doing ‘admin’ like tasks (in relation to IT work, software, servers, that kind of goodies). I decided to start this ‘blog’ (web log, journal thing). Part of it is to review software I use, part to bitch about crappie software, part to document things I’ve done (because in the IT world I’ve found...