January 25, 2005

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Config files from hell

In yet another wonderful twist of fate, the world makes perfect sense. The world may make perfect sense, but Apache’s config files make none what so ever. I setup this Serendipity software on another domain name (same server). Then I set it up here on Snowulf. I re-extracted the tar ball, to get a clean start, and moved the few Apache config’s I need to the new directory setup. It didn’t work. I tried, and I tried, and I almost blew the server down. Nothing would work. Finally I moved the Directory tag from httpd.conf (yes, I know in Apache 2.x httpd.conf is outdated, but I like to keep my virtual server config’s in there. Its less of a hassle than separate files or new directories, and it works just the same, or should) to apache2.conf. Tada, it works. Stupid software, stupid config files. Makes no sense why for this domain I had to put the directory settings in one file instead of the other… But alas. (The error I was getting below, in case you were interested)

[Mon Jan 24 21:26:56 2005] [alert] [client Xx.Xx.Xx.Xx] /path/to/public_html/.htaccess: DirectoryIndex not allowed here