January 25, 2005

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Nift New Toys & New Domains

To make a long introduction short… I have a simple life. I spend most of my life doing ‘admin’ like tasks (in relation to IT work, software, servers, that kind of goodies). I decided to start this ‘blog’ (web log, journal thing). Part of it is to review software I use, part to bitch about crappie software, part to document things I’ve done (because in the IT world I’ve found its very handy to record these things, for yourself and others). I’ve put this blog up on SGN for now, but it may move to JD (Update: Actually Snowulf has been registered for this express purpose. Partly because I can, partly for the kick of it.)

I’d like to say as a useful piece of advise to anyone. If you are interested in any of the Somix software, don’t bother. Its for windows (yes I use windows, its part of my job requirement, but I also am a good friend of Linux) but its terrible. First I had to uninstall ActiveState Perl which I don’t like. Second I tried to use it, it worked about half the time, the other half the time when I navigated to a page (this software is web based CGI software running on a small copy of Apache2.0 they install, and they’re own Perl) it tried to download an EXE. Instead of doing in CGI like stuff, it tried to download… Sigh. So off it goes from my machine after about 5 minutes and back to Perl (just because Perl makes me feel warm, and loved).

PS. I’ll probably have a lot of short posts, random times here and there… Mainly because I don’t have the time to waste on big posts.