January 28, 2005

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Lots of little stuffs

First I’d like to say the fact that webalizer (for linux) doesn’t translate IIS logs, seems dumb. Second I’d like to say to say that IIS logs suck… Alot. I’m trying to translate 2+ years worth of logs into something useful, but its a PITA. I needed tools in linux to sort and combine files, but I cant run webalizer on that machine… Sigh.

In better news, I remotely upgraded a debian server from 2.4 kernel to the 2.6 kernel. It worked just fine (all I did was apt-get install kernel-package-2.6.8-2-686 and it worked). I was rather amazed, so many times upgrading kernel’s dont end well, at all (at least in my past experience).

I’m a bit under the weather, otherwise I’d write more. I’ll come back and link-ify everything latter.