February 8, 2005

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IIS 5.0 Doesnt do bandwidth limiting

Its all a lie! So my problem is the following, I need to set up some way to controll bandwidth usage by VPN users. Though really its not everything they do, just a few files they download. Since controlling bandwidth using RAS on Win2k seems to be nearly non-existant, I thought I’d use IIS. HAHAHAHAH!!! Thats funny! So I set up all the bandwidth limiting on Win2k (IIS 5.0), to a nice number of 40KB/s. I FTP in, download a file, and I get 500KB/s+. Ok, so I try using HTTP (same file), I get 400KB/s. Um… What in the bloody hell (for reference, I was on wireless, which is why I didn’t get anything faster than the speeds above). I look it up, so far as I can tell IIS5.0’s Bandwidth limiting is based on the last 60 seconds of files. Seeing how I want to controll 1 file, thats downloaded only a few times a day, its aparently not possible.

So now I’m back to square one, either I have to controll VPN or IIS. Neither has the ability to do it on its own, so I have to use 3rd party software (sigh). Yes, I’m aware that if I used Linux my life would be a snark load easier, but at this current moment in time, I can’t.

Hmmm, I wonder if a Cisco VPN Concentrator can…. oooohhh…