February 10, 2005

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XBOX's – Fun for the entire … Disection

To start I have to say, I really hate Microsoft, but I do enjoy my XBOX. I know its hard to play games on a computer running a modified NTFS kernel, but, they didnt do a half bad job. Also seeing is how I can buy this console for about $180 now adays (new), and its a full computer…It could have other uses (Asterisk server anyone?). Besides, at least its not an iFruit. Back to the topic at hand, the really intresting part about Microsoft is how full of themselves they are. Now they make this little black box, that no one should be opening (and its not exactly easy), yet they emblazen their logo on the motherboard … Oh well.

So the unit itself isnt to imensly intreresting, but there’s a few cool bits. A buit-in decoding chip (or something of the like, I dont remember exactly what it was labeled) which I assume is for DVD’s. Built in graphics. A decent size passive heatsink for the proc, and fan cooling for the southbridge (I assume). Other than missing a few key ports (keyboard, mouse, etc) its a fairly normal machine. Hell it even has 4 USB ports built in (see next image).

The USB connections on the motherboard have 2 extra pins, same thing with the connections you can see on the daughterboard. I’d assume these are for the extra power that the controllers need for vibrating. Oh well, it was fun anyways, maybe this weekend I’ll do more experimenting.

Also, I heard that XBOX’s spin their games (which are DVD’s) backwards. I really have to check out this rumor. Since I need to get into the DVD drive to see if I can fix it, might as well take a look anyways. I am fully expecting the DVD drive to be useless, if it is, I’d love to stuff a real DVD drive in it. Unfortunetly the back connector for power/eject is specalized. I’d have to piggy back power off the harddrive, oh well. Worth a challege!

If all goes to hell… I’ll install Linux for the XBOX! I’ve always wanted a beowulf cluster, maybe I can finally get one….