February 24, 2005

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Read your EULA – Bla Bla Bla

So once again someone had made a mighty fine point that you should read the EULA on software you install, because you could get money.. Now while this is preety awesome, and If I had a small company, I’d do it too (give away money that is). Now of course, everyone should always read their EULA’s cause its just like a paper contract, or is it? Many times its been claimed that clicking “yes” or “I Accept” on a web site doesn’t constitute a legal contract the same as a signature (Which is why you still can’t do lots of financial things online). So why should a EULA on a piece of software be any different.

Since there is no signature on a EULA (other than the software is installed) I’d love for someone to prove that I installed the software. Hell, as a techy I get calls from family&friends all the time, asking for help. Inveritably thoes calls lead me to installing something and breezing through a EULA. So I agree’d to the contract, not the actuall user.