March 9, 2005

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Well that was dumb

Previously I wrote a Quick Perl Script that let you bookmark to a website rather easily. But I forgot one key part, including google’s rel=nofollow. This is important for two reasons, while you may be bookmarking what ever you want, you dont need to help them advertise (you just want to use the links). Two — Because if anyone ever finds you script (and they may be spammers trying to improve their site ranking) then all they will submit will be useless to spamming.

If you want this improvement, change:

<br /> print URLOUT "<li><a href=\"$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}\">$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}</a></li>\n";

To this:

<br /> print&nbsp;URLOUT&nbsp;"<li><a&nbsp;href=\"$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}\"&nbps;rel=\"nofollow\">$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}</a></li>\n";<br />

Simple enough, eh?