March 12, 2005

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AIM gone the way of the phone

And by that I don’t mean it does VoIP — I mean that its now recorded. The original entry from Thrashing Through Cyberspace blog. To make a long story short, AIM now reserves the right to do what ever the hell they want with what you say on AIM. There are a few business’s that I’m sure use AIM for communication, no more. Where I worked we used to use Yahoo (now Skype). I won’t be the least bit surprised if Yahoo and MSN follow suit (if they haven’t already) — Just to make sure they stay on a level playing field. Gaim has been the only IM client I’ve used for a long while for my personal communication. While it doesn’t have encryption built in, there is a Gaim-Encryption project. I’m sure its going to get alot more popular in the near future (read: incorporated into Gaim). Even terrible encryption will make users feel better (besides, do you really think AOL is going to take the time to decrypt most/any messages — Even if the encryption is simply character shifting?).

BTW — Skype uses 256bit AES, and its Peer-to-Peer (no, not file sharing, as in you do not communicate through a server — So they cant really log you).

Update: Yes, or you could use the SILC encryption that’s build in to Gaim