April 2, 2005

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Furstration with [email protected]

So I finally got around to trying out [email protected]. Its currently in its 0.8 version. The machine came up just fine. I pulled out the handbook that they have made up so I could find out what the default password was (which was ‘password’). Now I pull up the webbased administration — Sweet it works, I click on the link for the Asterisk Management Portal and….. Password required. I’ve been over the handbook, I’ve guessed about every password that I could think of, I checked out The Geek Gazette, and I even went over to the AMP Install Guide — Still no luck.

Frustrations. Good thing the office didnt need that machine for a few days. I may go home and try this again on another machine I have. I’m not so inept that I cant override some mangey password with root access on the box — but I want to figure this out the ‘normal’ user way. -Sigh- Forums and Email time.