April 3, 2005

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Gmail's Space Increase

Well, Google has done it again with Gmail. I heard a day or two before Apr 1 that they were doubling their space, to 2 gigabytes. Its rather nice if you ask me, as a 1 year aniversary. There is a catch though, their not doubling their space — They are going higher (suposedly). If you goto Gmail.com right now you will see a counter running. At this moment the counter is at 2052 megs. I will note though that the counter has slowed down significantly (IE It looks like they may stop at 2gigs for now).

If they do go higher, my guess is that they’ll either continue their slow crawl — or stop at something like 5gigs. If they do stop at 2 gigs, I wouldnt be suprised to see a 1gig increase every year. Hell in a year harddrive tech will be that much better.