April 4, 2005

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MMOG's are good

Dull title, but thats how I feel after surfing through some MMOG sites. (For thoes that don’t know, MMOG Stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Game). I love MMOG, I really do — And I think they are the next “generation” of games. I’ve played alot of MMOG’s in my time, and I look forward to new MMOG’s to see what new and inovative bits they come out with.

One recent find was WWII Online. Cool idea, I’ve had this idea myself (along with hundreds of other people — who am I kiddin). Just one… Small.. Small problem. Its not such a good idea to do a real life event. At least I dont think so. You just can’t replicate real life onto a virtual battle field — without offending some people. Also, where do you expand from this? Planetside is a FPS like WWII Online — but its set in the future. You can add underground caverns, and new tech (Which they have) with no problem. What do you do with WWII online? Nada. Now very few MMOG’s have been around for a really long time (its still “new tech” in the grand scheme of things) — but what happens if WWII Online lasts more than 6 years? They change their slogan to “Play WWII Online — Running Longer than the real war itself did!"? Boring…

One thing I want to find, a good MMOG news site. Slashdot for MMOG’s if you will. I have yet to find a “good” news site. Something that will cover news from all MMOG’s past, present and future — From news releases to Organized game events, etc. Maybe I’ll take that up as my next project.