May 6, 2005

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Coffee || Password? EQ2....Sigh

First Cnet writes this ever so dumb article about Coffee Or Password — which would you choose? Well if you offered me $3 to give up my password, I’d do it. In a heartbeat. Free 3$ for me, and nothing for you. Why? Because of course I wouldn’t give them my real username or password — DUH. Come on people. 66% of people gave up their password — sure and I bet at least 80% of thoes people didn’t give up their real password (there are, sadly, some stupid & uncreative people).

And then… There is SOE — Well they are frigin amazing. EQ2 fell through the floor, so the latest PR stunt? The Quest For Antonia!. Ok, so they are going to find some hot brunet that slightly resembles Antonia Bayle from the game — and they they to be famous for 15 minutes — Good for the girl — bad for SOE. Another stupid stupid ploy.