May 8, 2005

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Webmin bandwidth module = BAD

First, before anyone says anything — Yes I use webmin on my “personal” servers (read: servers at home). It saves me time and I Dont have to remember all the proper syntax for stupid config files.

Second — This module is very very very bad. I turned it on for a few hours today to see how it worked… BAdddddd move. I was using TorrentFlux (which let me say is a rather cool toy) to download some assorted stuff. I logged out and tried to log back in, but I couldn’t. After some fighting I decided to go to their forum and post about it, in the mean time I went to ask apt-get a question — and it told me there was not enough space to write to. WHAT? df -h quickly showed that my / partition was 100% full (6 gigs). I tracked it down to 3 log files in /var/log — each was over 1.5 gigs. Tail’ing the files before deletion showed metions of that bad bandwidth tool. Now I can log back in to Tflux.

Moral of the story? STICK TO MRTG.