May 27, 2005

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Vigilante Hackers

Yahoo UK is carrying a bit about Vigilante Hackers — AKA White Hats. Guys (and Gals) running around hacking fake banks and other fraudsters. More power to them I say. As the article says: “Experts say that shutting down the scam websites is often difficult because they may be hosted in countries where legal action is unlikely." — Well, If the law can’t shut them down — they can’t stop the hackers either.

Yes, there are lots of pro’s and cons about this and it could be argued endlessly, but there has always been vigilante justice for as long as there is records. Though, in the past people died — no one is going to die from hacking a fake bank site. In fact its probably saving alot of peoples lives — ALOT. I know my mother and if she got an email that looked like her bank — she’d fall for it. She’s not stupid, she just doesn’t know alot about the internet or computers. So many times people see HUGE links, even on legit sites — so they don’t notice a HUGE link in an email thats actually covering the real site name.


(Oh, and PS — I’ve trained my mother better than opening emails from people she doesnt know or opening attachments, etc — but most people just don’t know better)