July 31, 2005

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Went to the gun show at the Reno/Sparks convention center today. It wasn’t terribly large (the “good” show is comming up in two weeks — so I am told), but it was intresting. I went with my boss and the CEO/Owner of our company (also refered to as “the boss”) and one other co-worker. Going with the boss was really intresting because he owns many a gun and knows what he’s talking about. He knows alot of the exibitors too (Which can make for nice discounts). Regardless he was suggesting a number of different and intresting guns for carrying. One of which caught my eye was the Kel-Tec’s. At first I thought they were silly little guns (I’m a fan of guns looking like useful guns, not fancy show pieces, etc), but since come to appreciate their purpose. They are small & you can buy clips for them. Now I dont mean magazines, I mean clips, like belt clip — That attaches directly to the gun (no holster required).

Regardless — I’m going to try to convince my boss (and possibly others) to go out shooting this comming weekend and possibly borrow the bosses Kel-Tec to try out. I may get one at the show comming up — or at least certify w/ one for my CCW so I can carry it latter. (In Nevada you have to certify w/ all the guns you want to carry. Serial numbers are not recorded but make and model are).