August 4, 2005

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Shortify – Cool service

Ok, there is Go.To and alot of other “Link shortening services”. I saw the ad on K5 today for Shortify — so I thought I’d go play with it. Its open source, you can download the software and stuffs like that — but I thought it was generally fun to play with (they have a stats page & stuff to the similar). I clicked on my shortify link a few times for fun, then realized there was an easy way to run up stats. I set a mod_redirect for snowulf to my shortify url — which redirected back to snowulf. Yes, I setup an infinite redirect. With that in place I opened a bunch of IE7.0 Tabs and let them redirect till they timed out (and then restarted them). I ran it up to about a thousand redirects for fun.

I’d like to appollogize to shortify — you have a cool service and a great interface. At least your DB and software didnt blow up — which is rather impressive. I promise to stop breaking your service now. Sorry!