November 3, 2005

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I'm really pissed at Apple

I hate Apple™. Its as simple as that. I’ve had itunes for a long time now, and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve had an ipod for the last year or two, and I’ve enjoyed it. Now I’ve run into a problem — I tried to upgrade to 6.0.1 version of itunes because they update itunes every freaking week (or so it seems) and it broke. Every time I try to launch itunes — it crashes. Its a wonderful thing. I try to uninstall it and it crashes, I try to re-install it and it crashes. I’ve tried everything I can — nothing works.

So I did the next logical thing — I contacted Apple Support. I’ve sent 4 emails back and forth with them. This last time they started to quote me the Apple Terms Of Service. Aparently by iTunes crashing on my machine, I’m violating their terms of service? The fun part is that all they quoted me was the system requirements — because my laptop exceeds their sysreq’s by about 500%.

I’m gonna call them tomorrow if I have time (got stuff to do at work). If I dont hear anything from them in the next few days that’s useful — I’m just going to file a BBB complaint. Its amazing how much more responsive companies are — when they get certified mail from the BBB about complaints.