January 15, 2006

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So last night I went over to my bosses house to play some video games. I brought over my 360 just in case. Well we ended up having 6 people there so we though we’d try system link in COD2, since thats what we had been playing split-screen. Well unlike EVERY OTHER DAMNED GAME in this history of games, COD2 does not allow you to play split screen and system link. Its really unbeliveable, that you cant have more than one person on a console playing in system link. So if you want want to play 16 player system link, like it says on the game box — you need to have 16 Xbox 360’s. So very retarted. So what did we do? Went and played system link Halo. Yes, Halo 1.

Also played some demo’s off the Official Xbox Magazine demo CD. “Full Auto” is like a mix between Project Gotham and Prince of Persia. Its actually really fun, and I will buy it when it comes out. Now on to “Kong”, I didnt play, I let guu play. His review is as follows “This is the stupidest fucking game I’ve ever played and I’ve played bubble bobble”. That about sums it up. The demo missions are…. stupid at best. There is not help, no explination — nothing. The game may be playable if they explained a little bit what you had to do, and TOLD YOU WHAT THE CONTROLS ARE. Now it may also help that neither Guu nor I have seen the movie — which I hear sucks much like the movie. Other than that — the game looks preety good visually — except for some clipping from time to time.

Oh and PDZ — sucks for multi player. Even the small levels are far too big for 4 players, and it takes about a thousand rounds of ammo to kill someone (ok, more like 3 clips of pisol ammo — but thats still far too much). Or you can pistol whip someone twice and kill them — redonkulous (as guu would say)