April 6, 2006

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Well... Life is a bitch

So Last thursday, I went into the office to find my work laptop displaying “No OS Found”. Rebooted, BSOD right into windows. Pulled the drive, and is quickly became aparent that I had a hardware failure. I killed another harddrive. Wasn’t a good start to my day. Anyways, life was no good — but what ever.

Then monday I pulled up snowulf and found it was throwing an error. So was a number of other sites. I thought I had been hacked, no the HD was in Read Only mode. Why? OS Detected a number of HD errors and automatically kicked over. Well [email protected]#$tastic. So I killed two drives! Not pleased.

On the bright side, the HD wasn’t completly dead so I got all the files off as they were. Along with SQL backup. So now I’ve got the sites transfered over to a new machine. Needless to say, it was a bitch, but a semi-happy ending. Plus I’m saving alot of money a month by not having that server.