April 9, 2006

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Just got back a little while ago from shooting. Went to the Carson Range. It was an intresting getting there. I had the address, but it was very clearly marked. Off the secondary road the range was “on” was a little sign with some very small print about when the range was closed, and a road behind it. I made the assuption that was the right way to go, so we followed the road for a bit. It was beat up, and windy. We came around a corner and saw a road sign that had been shot to much that one can safely say that its holier than the pope. Guu and I had a good laugh, at least we knew we were on the right road.

Its a “public” range, in the fact that its a couple covered benches, and thats it. No range master or anyhting like that. Not the safest thing, but they have 2 seperate areas, one for rifles, one for pistols. Only two people at the pistol area, so it was ok. The really nifty part is that while we were there, someone showed up and deployed a 50cal machine gun. Awesome… really awesome.

Back to the shooting. Guu and I both shot a few rounds from the P22. Sadly I didn’t have that much ammo. It was good though. I also shot my P99, for the first time. Fun stuffs! I put 50 rounds through that, all the ammo I had. Really intresting to shoot, mainly cause I’ve never shot a 9mm. There was a piece of MDF out on the range I was shooting at, after a few rounds there wasn’t anything left.

Since we were out of ammo, we thought we’d go up to Reno and get some more ammo, and check out the Washoe County Range. Spend about 75$ on ammo, which wasn’t bad. Until I have money to burn, I’m still going to favor plinking with a 22. 11$ for 500 rounds of 22 versus 11$ for 50rds of 9mm. Then we took the “short” trek up to the next range. Short equals about 30 miles (sigh!).

Aparently……….. The county range is open Friday-Monday, 8am to 4pm. We didn’t get there till about 4:45pm. Sucks! Oh, and just before we got there, the road sign just before it was shot a number of times also. Another very good laugh, till we were disapointed by a locked gate.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get there and check it out sunday, or next weekend.