April 10, 2006

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Range Again Today

Went out to the Carson range again today. Skotnik & I, borrowed a few guns from our boss (thanks!!! super awesome). Namely: Glock 21, Glock 30, Glock 17, Glock 26, Kahr PM9, Kel-Tec P3AT, S&W Scandium .357, S&W .357 & a Kimber 1911. So… Maybe a couple more than a few. I’m not sure what the exact models for the S&W’s were, but thats ok. Needless to say it was a fun day. The only thing I was a little disapointed with was the 1911 which was mis-behaving. It refused to chamber rounds, and even when it did, it wouldn’t fire.

I have to say that for never having fired a .45, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The G21 was more than heavy enough to make up for the 45. Sadly we didn’t have too much ammo for the 45’s, but I took that gun for a good run. Also the G30 for being a “concealed carry” gun was not bad to shoot. I’d rather carry that than a number of the other guns I tried.

As for the G17, its a Glock, not much else to say. I liked the size of the G26 and it shot well for me, I think I may have to get myself once. It seems that everyone has a Glock, so I might as well get one myself. Our boss got the PM9 but hadn’t shot it yet, so he asked us to take it for a test drive. So I did a little comparison shoot between the G26 and the PM9. Maybe its not fair to compare the Glock against the Kahr, but Glock is the gold standered. The end result, I don’t like the PM9. My problem with the PM9 is that with every single shot it tried to jump out of my hands. I was seriously concerned that I was going to loose grip on the PM9.

The Kel-Tek P3AT was a .380 (hahaha with the name Kel-Tek, please don’t try that again it wasn’t funny the first time). That thing punched my hand hard. I know I’m new to the bigger calibers, but that little sucker hurt. I’d consider getting the Kel-Tek as a BUG or something to keep in my pocket. While it did hurt, it didn’t feel like it was going to jump out of my hand like the PM9 did. Besides, I hope I never get into a situation where I need more than 6 rounds — if I do I hope I have my P99.

The other gun I had an issue with was the S&W 357 Scandium. It was a 5 round bodyguard model. We were shooting 38 special from it, I belive (Skotnik loaded it — I wasn’t paying attention). That little sucker kicked hard. Another gun that I wouldn’t want to have to shoot much. Then again, revolvers aren’t my thing.

All in all, it was a nice day at the range. I really like the chance to shoot different guns. Now I have some base line to compare other guns too. I also put enough rounds through my P22 and my P99 to satisfy me for the time. Next time I’d like to get my grubby paws on a .50 DEagle.