August 11, 2006

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UK Terror Plot & Ban on Liquid

So for those of you living under a rock, there was a terror plot in the UK that was foiled. The problem is that they were going to use liquid’s for the bomb, so the UK has banned carry ons. In the US they banned all liquids. I was watching Anderson Cooper 360°, and some of the peoples reactions were truly amusing. There was a lady on the show that said (and I quote) “I don’t think anyone has even been killed with blush”. Ya know what Lady, there probably have been, because they did something stupid like eat it. Regardless — how does the airport know that you didn’t replace that blush with….C4 or plastique. It really sucks that they are doing this, especially if you are a business traveler. No more carry ons might not be too far away here.

To those people that complain about these security measures, like the lady that they interviewed (who was really pissed when she had to throw out the 80$ make up). YOUR AN IDIOT. The TSA may be retarted, but they aren’t doing this for fun. THEY ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU, THE FLYER’S, SAFETY. You should be thanking them for not banning electronics, or carry ons all together. And maybe, someone will invent Transporters and we won’t have this problem any more.