February 4, 2007

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The internet is for....


You thought I was going to say porn, didn’t you? Well obviously the internet isn’t for porn, its for bots. God damn my site has been hammered to hell the last couple months. I made some more ban changed mid last week, namely banning the entire internet. If you are reading this, you are in one of a dozen countries that I specifically allow to access my site. I’ve banned everyone else. Mainly because the bot traffic against my site is out of hand. Last month my site received some 55,000 hits. In the “heyday” of my blog when I updated every single day with useful information I normally didn’t receive more than 20,000 hits. So obviously there is something wrong. If that isn’t enough proof, as of right now I’ve already received more 10,000 hits to my site this month (Yes, as in the last 3 days). As of now, 98.5% of the traffic against my site is receiving a 403 Forbidden message (aka BAN HAMMER). Hopefully this will help reduce the traffic against my site as comment spammers slowly learn that its a waste of bandwidth. Luckily the 403 forbidden page is rather small, so even with several thousand page views a day, my bandwidth usage is negligible.

I’m hoping to get back up to at least 3 posts per week (m,w,f). I’ve managed to do that a few times, but I’d like to get back to a regular posting schedule. Recently I’ve been spending alot of time at work on our anti spam solution (MailScanner + SpamAssassin + etc). So I hope to be posting a bit about that, and the results I’ve been finding.