August 15, 2007

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How to make Daemon Tools and iTunes live happily...

…ever after. Or at least something close to that. Anyways, as a techy person, the first thing that I install on all machines is Daemon Tools. No, its not because I have CD images of my games, or anything fun like that, its because I keep all the office software on a NAS. Most of it is in ISO format because thats what I download from MSDN. Anyways, for those that don’t know, if you try to use the CD burn functionality of iTunes, and you’ve installed Daemon Tools — no go. You may get a message similar to “Disk Burner or software not found…”, which is what I got.

Now the main issue is that you can’t simply uninstall Daemon Tools, because its not Daemon Tools thats causing the problems. Its actually their “SCSI Pass Through Direct” layer (AKA SPTD). Apparently, only the more recent version of iTunes are effected — yay for Apple suckage. If you’d like to fix the problem, simply download SPTD 1.5+ (Its about halfway down the page) and install. This particular version DOES NOT come with Daemon Tools by default. Don’t ask me why, I dont know.

Install, reboot — CD Burning capability restored. Yay!!!