September 2, 2007

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Google Earth Flight Sim

If you haven’t heard, Google Earth has built in a Flight Sim mode. First off, this is really cool. Its a fun little thing to play with. If you aren’t terribly good at flight sims though, it might not help you too much.

Second, THIS FLIGHT SIM IS NOT HARD TO CONTROL. You bloggers out there that claim that the controllers are particularly sluggish aren’t flight sims fans obvioulsy. I hopped right onto this in “F-16” mode and had no problems what so ever. Controls were just fine. Haven’t crashed yet. I even used flaps (gasp!) and retracted my landing gear (whozawazit?).

Third, THIS FLIGHT SIM ISN’T AN EASTER EGG. WP Sayz: “A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature in an object”. That means it has to be hidden. The flight sim in Excel 97 was an Easter Egg, this is not. Why? Because its NOT HIDDEN. Click “Tools > Enter Flight Sim Mode” is not in any way hidden — unless you are one of those prissy bitches that can’t handle any UI other than the Office 2007 “Ribbons”.

Otherwise — its a fun waste of time.

Edit: Google Guys, next time put you put some sort of compass? We’ve got altimeter, airspeed, but… no compass? What direction am I going?! Also, put it some faster jets! SR-71? F-22? How about some fun toys! Oh — and lastly. Probably should make it so you can retract the landing gear while sitting on the ground (as hilarious as that is to do).