September 9, 2007

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Today was a good day. Did some hanging out with Lauren and some other random assorted friends. We ended up wandering about doing nothing of use… We thought it would be cool to play a board game, but Lauren and I were a little tired of Monopoly. Scrabble was suggested, but any regular reader of my blog here probably knows that my spelling sucks. Firefox spell checker is my savior… Anyways — we found the COOLEST game ever. We found Dilbert the Board Game. Yea.. Dilbert… The Board game… Now the game itself doesn’t last very long, it says about 90 minutes, which is about right — but being a brand new game no one has played — it takes a while to get through the rules. Personally, I suggest playing it sober once, then drunk after that. Alot of the game is based on real life stuff (like who ever has the worst job in the real life, gets the worst starting location in the game — etc), which is alot of fun. Though, as with all Dilbert humor — those that haven’t experienced and office environment wont really appreciate the game.

In the end, it was still fun. Oh… And I won. Again… And I didn’t cheat. W00t!