September 16, 2007

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Today was good

I don’t know why exactly, but today was a good day. Especially this evening. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely wasn’t a bad day, or anything like that, but suddenly as I was going out for my nightly walk, I was feeling really good. I even went powering along on my walk, and went on my “extended route”. I was just really blazing away and really enjoying it. It seems strange to say but I was just flat out happy. Nothing stellar happened. I’m not joyful over anything in particular… It is just very strange, because even on good days for me, my mood is “meh” at best. I’m rather indifferent to the world.

I think part of the goodness of my day was not having anything getting me angry. I had an “incident” at dinner where I managed to get my check before my food because they were taking so long. But I just went with the flow. I didn’t throw a fuss, or send it back or anything, or even get angry. I just wrote them a zero tip (instead of a one cent tip, which is insulting), had my food and left. Why this matters is because recently I’ve decided that I need to work on “going with the flow” more. My personal motto is “Shikata Ga Nai” which roughly translates to “in cannot be helped” or “nothing can be done”, and I really like that. Of course, even with this being my motto, I tend to let the smaller things in life really get under my skin. But no more, at least when I can manage it. I shall go with the flow, and accept how things go. Call it zen, call it laid back, call it stupid. I don’t care, and that is the point.

I did try some vanilla Mochi that was very excellent. I love the strawberry (will forever be my fav). I’ve tried the green tea, and its not bad. Chocolate is always good… But this vanilla was fantastic. Its mainly because one of my favorite flavors ever is French vanilla, and the ice cream in these Mochi, was French vanilla. Soooo good. Also a new flavor for me, never seen it before. So I was rather excited, new flavors are always exciting.

I’ve also spent a little time thinking about my blog and what I want to do with it. I realize that most of the traffic I get is people looking for tech information. Which is cool, because thats originally why I started writing this. Just little bits of tech info here and there. Recently I’ve been doing more “personal” entries and less tech. Along with that, I haven’t been writing much at all, most in the last week or two, but thats about it. Also, its easy to see that I don’t have many regular readers. After all, no one cares THAT much about the tech stuff, and my personal life isn’t exactly fascinating. Though to my few regular readers.. Hi (Brian, Sam, and … others?). So what am I going to do with my Blog? Well first off I’m working on getting back to my old schedule of one entry per week day. Though I’ll probably write something for the next few weekends, if I have something, just so I can have plenty of fresh new content to get the google bots reading. Secondarily I’m going to try to get back to the tech. Occasionally I may cover other topics, including reviews and news — but for the most part tech. I wont even be covering guns much any more, because I don’t go to the range, can’t buy new guns, and don’t have my old guns to play with (Moved to CA — not gun friendly).

Also in other site related news. I’m going to be spending more time updating the Snowulf Wiki, and cross linking from time to time. I will also be condensing most of my domains into one single domain. Namely . I do have alot of other random domains floating about, like my gallery, and some other junk. I will condense these into Snowulf sub domains. This will allow me to use my blog as a news system for the “network” of sites, and spend less buying new domain names. Not that I’ll get rid of the old domain names — because cyber squatter bots BUY everything that expires these days (sadly). So… All in all. It should keep me out of trouble (in my free time) working on all this.

Update: For those that read my bit about Bed, Bath & Way Beyond, this is not a suggestion to collect these coupons to give to Lauren. For the love of GOD she has enough. In fact, I counted, she has 42 — the answer to life, the universe and everything. If you want to collect these coupons, do it for yourself. Go buy yourself something nice for 20% off, seriously, your house will thank you. But what ever it is — don’t give the coupons to Lauren. She’s pissed at me as is for giving her all those. She said she wanted “a couple more, not an entire f***ing store”. So yea…