September 20, 2007

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Quick Note: Ad Re-jigger

A few quick notes about advertising here:

  1. It hasn’t gone so well so far.
  • No one has said a thing about them.
  • I’ve removed the silly text link, as it was doing nothing
  • I made some serious changes to the tower-ad because it was displaying all sorts of junk (ex: skiing in tahoe & mexican drivers license). Now it will display computers/internet only ads
  • I added an Amazon search box. If you use it to search amazon… and buy something… I make money, and you get what you want. We all win.
  • The orange links (AKA Amazon Content Beta) have gone on the fritz. By that I mean they are missing. I asked amazon, we’ll see what they say.
  • I am continuing to experiment with other advertising methods. No Ad related post is complete without….