January 25, 2008

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Official: Heath Ledger still dead, not pining for the fjords

Let me start by saying I am sorry that Heathcliff Andrew Ledger has died and I send out condolences to his loved ones. Note: **HIS loved ones. Anyone who happens to be reading this is NOT one of those people, so tough luck (unless you really do happen to be one of his loved ones, in which case I demand proof or my previous statement shall stand {What? You have no proof? Obviously you are a liar, how dare you make a mockery of this poor dead corpse’s left behind cherished; for shame, for shame}).

For the last few days I have been getting inundated with information on Heath Ledger, mostly surrounding his death. I remember hearing the initial death cry from across the office. Then the bemused search for dirt on the death. Initial reports implied/stated (depending on the article) that it was Mary Kate Olsen’s (yes that one) apartment that he died in, which was later refuted.

While I was very impressed with his work, particularly A Knight's Tale, and I am very excited about his upcoming work\*. The real point of this post is to wonder how long there will be news about his death. I guesstimate it will be maybe a few days more (a week at the most), unless of course someone else\** dies first. I am sure that the end result (other than the whole lack of pining) will be a mention/dedication when his next/final work comes out, after all it's tradition for actors who died before a movie gets to the theatres to get an "in memory of"
  • If you don’t that I am talking about his role as Joker you should go forth and get shot, or take a bunch of sleeping pills (too soon?)…

** Note: You don’t count, but don’t let that stop you from taking your own life in a bid for stardom, there are plenty of methods; although sleeping pills are always popular (still too soon?)…