February 13, 2008

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32 Bit ASP.NET applications on IIS 7.0

Here’s the short version: IIS 7.0, much like IIS 6.0 has problems with 32 bit applications running on IIS 7.0 (Windows 2008) on native 64 bit machines. The fix is much easier than IIS 6.0 though. So if you want to run a 32 bit ASP.NET application under IIS 7.0 (x64), do the following:

  • Open up the IIS manager
  • Goto Application Pools
  • Right click on the application pool that your App will be using (EX: DefaultAppPool)
  • Advanced Settings
  • Set — Enable 32-Bit Applications = True
  • Ok
  • Restart IIS for good measure.
If you’ve already setup your ASP.NET application properly (creating the applications, just like in IIS6.0), you should be good to rock and roll. Oh, and as a final note, you do not have to register ASP.NET 2.0 with IIS 7.0 (like you did in 6), in fact if you run aspnet_regiis — it will tell you IIS isn’t installed. Shiny.