March 11, 2008

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Prius – Day 2

Well even though Day 1 didn’t start till almost 8pm — we’ll roll with it (if you excuse the pun). I didn’t get to drive that much today, only a couple of errands. I do find myself wanting to drive the Prius — mainly because its a new toy and… I love to play with new toys. I don’t find myself remorseful of my purchase, then again I didn’t get a proper nights sleep — so we’ll see tomorrow. A few things I noticed:

#1 — I talked to Liz (from Pair Of Aces Stables) today, over the hands free in the car. After I switched off hands free (When I got out of the car), she reported that the hands free was a better quality call than the regular cell phone. Also the mic pickup is very good, you don’t need to yell at the car (John made mention of this to me the other night)

#2 — I do so very much enjoy the key less entry system. When your hands are full (say from grocery shopping) its soooooo much easier. Just grab the handle and pull — it unlocks and you are good to go. No fumbling for keys, hell, no searching for a key fob. You get in, hit the power button and you are ready to roll. When you are done, you push the power button, pop out and smack the exterior lock buttons as you close the door. DONE. Until I used it, I never thought key less entry could be so freaking cool. I want this on the door to my house!! (Preferably tied to my car key, of course).

#3 — The navigational system has some… interesting ways of going about. Then again, I’m sure their “route” is actually shorter than what I’m taking — but my way is easier. Then again I’m asking it to route the mile from the local FedEx to home. On that note, you can search for things like the nearest FedEx Kinko’s (I use that as an example because I went there today). Of course my local one isn’t in the DB, but you can search for others. The POI Database is rather nifty.

#4 — The sound system its LOUD. On one particular CD track, I was listening to it at “25” which I thought was very loud. Turns out the system goes all the way up to 60. I managed to turn it all the way up on a quieter part of a song and it played without distortion. I’m sure this is simply because it was a quieter section, and it would distort louder music, but I was impressed nonetheless.

#5 — Engine is more than powerful enough. I was just kicking it around parking lots and surface streets, with the 5 million stay at home moms who are out during the day… most of whom CANT DRIVE FOR SHIT. A few times I had to stomp on it, and the Prius responded very favorably and got me through my turn and out ahead of the SUV before it plowed into the side of me.

#6 — This car beeps too fucking much. There is a no seatbelt beep. There is a solid “beep” if you try to lock the car with a door ajar. There is a backup beep. There is an unlock beep. There is a lock beep. Oh, and there are beeps every time you touch the nav screen (but at least those can be turned off — thank god). YOU!!!

Got my XM radio scheduled to be installed Wednesday, so I’ll report on that after it is in. I’ll be as happy as a pig in butter. Mmmm Bacon.