April 1, 2008

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Facebook sabotages site for Adblock Plus users?

I was trying to update my status on Facebook for the first time in months, and I couldn’t. At first I thought it was some glitch so I ignored it and let it be. Then it was reported to me by a friend that in the last few days, he could no longer post comments on people’s wall (which also didn’t work for me). I tested a hunch, I disabled Adblock Plus, refreshed the page — and TADA — I could update my status & post on walls. Re-enabling ABP & the functionality is once again lost.

Now, I can’t be sure it was Facebook sabotaging their site for people with Adblockers. Though, if it was them, it is clever (and terribly annoying). People use your site, but they disable the ads. In turn you make it so parts of your site don’t work with adblockers on, so they turn them off. Tada — Your ads are displayed again. That being said — I hate it and its annoying. If Facebook did this purposefully, thats just one more reason to stop using their site.

PS. I checked the adblock updated, and the latest rules were from March 3rd. So I don’t think it was a change in rules.