April 10, 2008

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Installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron

You might be asking yourself “Is he a glutton for punishment? Didn’t he just install Gutsy?". I wouldn’t blame you. Yes, I enjoy pain — thats why I’m the IT Manager — because my own computer problems aren’t enough for me, I want everyone else’s problems too.

As it were, I’m being “traded” laptops. A co-worker decided that the laptop they had was too big so I’m giving them the smaller D620 I have in exchange for their M6300. I figured I was going to have to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 here shortly, so I just installed it straight away. So far it’s going fine. Doesn’t seem all that much different from Gutsy. There are some nice changes in Hardy — but I really haven’t gotten to fiddling with most of the “cool features” yet, with the exception of PulseAudio. I did get that up and running and let me say… having the ability to stream audio from more than one application at the same time is AWESOME.