April 23, 2008

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Trip – Day 4

This shall be the last Trip post — since at the time of this writing — I’m home. Finally.

Day #4 of our trip was Monday the 21st. The morning started off fairly quiet. John and I got ready and all packed up. We went hunting for somewhere that had Oregon monogrammed shot glasses — but couldn’t find anything for the life of us. We had breakfast with Josh & C’Lee which was to be our last event before we departed. Luckily they found out about our miserable failure in finding shot glasses and took us to a store called “Made in Oregon”. We got some other souvenirs, like “Killer Koffee” — made with real killer whale. After that we were on our way. 8 or so hours later and we were in Reno where we stopped for dinner. We rushed home after that because we were tired of being in the car and tired of driving. John and I also decided at this point that it would be good for us not to talk for the next week. We’re tired of each other.

Now back to your regularly scheduled tech-ery.