April 24, 2008

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I made a mental note to myself that the first regular tech post I was going to make after I got back from my trip was about Twitter. Of course the irony in this is that this very same day Penny Arcade decided to post a comic about Twitter. The reason that I was planning to write about Twitter is because of the obvious fact that I’ve started to use it. I originally signed up for an account back in September after reading something on the web about using it for blog promotion — but I never really got into it. In fact, I was never really a fan of the concept of Twitter previously. I’ve got facebook and I make a point of not updating my status on that next to ever.

Now that I’ve played with Twitter a little bit more, I’ve come to like how it works. In some respects it’s like one’s own custom RSS feed of friends & interests. It’s also a way to very simply communicate small bits of useful info (at least how I use it). For example I was going to write a blog entry about the millage I was getting on my Prius — but really it’s not that important. Instead I tweet’d the info as the trip was progressing. So if you were interested, you could check out my Twitter archive.

On that note, my Twitter usage will be mostly tech related and very little personal stuff. Much the same as I run my blog. The account was signed up for the express intent of using it in conjunction with my blog — and lets be honest — PA hit it on the head — no one wants to hear about a Twitter shitter. I make notes of my blog posts as they go up — and the occasional other information. So if you do the Twitter thing you can check out My Twitter Account and follow me, if you’d like.

UPDATE: I’ve decided that I want to use Twitter more properly and less spammy. So I’ve created a new account. You can check out my account here.