April 26, 2008

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Helping the older gen with password security?

A while back my Mother was complaining about keeping tract of all her passwords and losing them. Since she was signing up for more and more sites, some of them being rather important (email, financial, etc), I figured I’d try and help her out. I got her setup with KeePass, which is a piece of software I use myself. I made sure she set a reasonable (but memorable) password, made sure she knew how to access it -AND- entered all her current accounts for her.

Fast Forward to yesterday. My Mother asked me where her passwords were. I showed her again, got her logged in. She looked and found the one she was looking for …. and proceeded to write it down. Completely defeated the purpose of keeping her passwords in KeePass. I thought the software was easy enough. But she quickly forgets these fancy techno-thingies like most of the older generation does. I’m at a loss for what to do…

So here is my question to the world. Anyone know of password keeping software (for windows) that is extremely user friendly while still retaining some semblance of security?