May 1, 2008

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Why bother buying local?

This is a serious question I’m grappling with today. I went to the local camera store and saw a lens for my Nikon that I really wanted. They told me it was $400, ok, no big deal. I checked Amazon while still in the store and it was $336. How can I in good conscience spend more just to get it in a store? If I spend $4 extra, I can have it overnighted from Amazon (oh how I love Prime). On top of the fact of the cost — Amazon has fantastic customer support, and a great return policy. I can return the lens for just about any reason and Amazon will eat the shipping cost (in most cases). With the exception of perishable groceries (because non-perishables you can get on Amazon) — why would I shop locally? Yea, playing with an item in my hand is cool… but it’s not worth $60 to me.

Does anyone out there still buy things locally when you can get them on Amazon for cheaper? If so, Why? (Note: I realize some things aren’t necessarily economical to get shipped — like LCD TV. But for smaller stuff)

Update: For some reason this got set to one day previous — its now been fixed.