May 14, 2008

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RecentChangesCamp 2008

So I’ve been totally slacking on writing blog entries. But Dvorygirl has convinced me (simply by showing me what a slacker I am) to get off my duff and write about RCC 2008.

So RecentChangesCamp is a wiki related camp/conference. Where we had conference times and locations — but instead of having paid speakers — we ran our own sessions. That means we made up and ran talks about whatever we wanted that was wiki related. Again, unlike traditional conferences it wasn’t one person talking for an hour and a half — it was a conversation between like minded people. It was a ton of fun. There were talks about anything and everything.

Of course, the one problem is that it made for a very long weekend. We started Friday at 5pm, and finished about 11pm. Note: It took place in Palo Alto which is about an hour drive from where I live. Saturday was 9am to 10pm. We had 4, 1.5 hour sessions that day. In all honesty, by session #4, I was dead. I didn’t make it. My brain was just fried. So instead of talking about wikis we created a “Toss the football” session — which went extremely well — until I kicked it onto the roof. Then the session became “Get the football off the roof” (yes, we even changed the schedule and everything. Sunday started again at 9am and went till about 9pm. We had scheduled 4 session times — but there were a lot less people. I even ran a session about Commons which was very interesting, because I got to see how other projects (not just Wikimedia) were using the content. I went to my session and half of another; the rest of the day was just chilling and hanging out. A lot of people did the same thing.

I took a bunch of pictures, as I have a tendency to do, and posted the good ones to commons. So you can check them out, if you like. Otherwise the conference was good, I met a lot of cool people, got to hang out with fun people, and generally have a wiki-good time. If you happen to be one of those people I met this weekend — please leave a message to say hi so I can stay in contact. Or send me an email — it’s my name (Jon) at my domain here.

My brain is still a bit fried though… but I’m looking forward to next year in Portland.