July 5, 2008

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Mozilla Weave is really alpha.

I like to tryout new things. Especially, when they replace old things that no longer work. In this case I used to use Google Sync (for Firefox) and loved it. Sadly, since FF3, I haven’t been able to use it, and they’ve even discontinued work on it. I read today that Mozilla Weave 0.2 was released, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Probably not the best of ideas.

The plugin is extremely slow and fairly troublesome. So far it has had trouble logging in, and tries to sync at the close of Firefox — but has so far failed every time (and subsequently gotten stuck there, not doing anything). I don’t know how well it sync’s with other machines yet — as the experimental nature of the software makes me leery to install it on my second machine. If one goes tits up, I can recover from the other after all. Additionally, most Firefox installs on Linux distro’s don’t work — so you have to remove FF and install the copy from Mozilla direct.

At this point, don’t bother with Weave.