July 12, 2008

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Walnut Creek Harley

As I previously mentioned, last weekend I was taking the “practical” portion of my Motorcycle class. I had gotten all the gear I needed for class, including proper gloves and helmet. I was concerned that my gloves would not be acceptable, though (website stated I needed “leather-like gloves”). So on Saturday morning before class, I stopped off at Walnut Creek Harley (closest bike shop I know of) and got a pair of leather gloves. I made sure I kept the gloves in the packaging and everything, in case I didn’t need them. In the end, the gloves I had bought previously (that weren’t leather, and I liked them a bit more) were sufficient, so I didn’t need what I bought at Harley.

I tried to return them today and all they’d give me is store credit. I did not read their receipt until today, but on the back it says “All returns will be for merchandise exchange or in store credit only”. I don’t know if this is a Harley policy, or just the Walnut Creek store, but this is stupid. If the merchandise was sold more than 30 days ago, or the tags have been removed, or it has obviously been used — SURE — go for store credit only. But for items that are brand new, never used? Grumble.

I’m sorry, I’m not really that big of a Harley fan. I only went there because they were close and available. But if I buy something that doesn’t work for me (which as it turns out, the gloves really didn’t), I expect to be able to return it and get a proper refund. I will probably wander into that Harley store and find something else to buy that is exactly how much credit I have — then never step foot in there again. Store credit does not encourage repeat business, it discourages it.