December 18, 2008

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So I caught a message on twitter about someone setting up a “lifestream” using a piece of software called Sweetcron. I thought it was a cool idea, so I figured I’d give it a try. If you are wondering what a lifestream is, it basically is the gathering of your “life” across the internet, congregated into one location. For those of us who use a lot of little services (like Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs) often, this is a great idea. Instead of needing to follow someone on 3 or 4 sites, I could follow their lifestream (same in reverse, of course).

So, I present my very own Lifestream. It is currently tied into this blog, my twitter tweets, my flickr uploads, bookmarks on Pandora and videos uploaded on YouTube. I have a feeling that this is going to be a major wave of the future, simply because of how difficult it is becoming to “keep in touch” with people. Right now if you wanted a good idea of my life (as boring as it might be), you’d have to follow at least my Twitter, Flickr & Blog. That’s 3 sites for one person. Have 10 friends to follow? Well… screw that.

Anyways, the lifestream updates every 5 minutes, and even has it’s own RSS feed you can follow. How did we survive before RSS?