December 21, 2008

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You might be a military otaku if....

So I just went to the local supermarket (Grocery store) to pick up a few supplies to last me through the holidays. I don’t recommend it, baddddddddddd idea. Anyways, as I drove into the parking lot, I noticed there was a group of people dressed up in front of one of the other stores, all in a line. I made a guess that they were probably a choir group doing Christmas carols. So I went into the super market and when I came back out there were just outside the door. My thought proccess went like this:

::startled:: They moved! Could be a mobile artillery platform. I wonder what sized Howtizer they are. Well she’s too small so definitely not a 155mm. Wow… I have issues. I’m such a military freak. Maybe I need to ease off and stop reading so many military themed books. Hey, I never finished C&C:Red Alert 3… I should do that.

So, a brief and terrifying view into how my mind works. Yes, I really did associate a group of carolers with a Howitzer. With that being said, time to go play C&C:RA3.