March 6, 2009

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Today In: craigslist

First off, welcome to a possibly regular feature we, the Jo(h)ns, like to call “Today In”; it will focus on something or other that happened today (of all days). To start off, we will use Craigslist

For those who don’t know what craigslist is, go read the wikipedia article.

Occasionally, when I get bored I will decide to go look at craigslist for a bit; it always provides some humor. Today I decided to look at gigs. The one that first interested me was writing as I do like to write. Flipped through the few entries for my area and got bored. Then I decided to check out computer, shockingly enough there were a lot more there. Finally, I opened adult which proved vastly more entertaining.

The Adult Gigs had all kinds of interesting things from Adult Film Auditions, to Bachelor Party Gigs, to some guy wanting a couple girls to pee on him, to what I would assume is some kid looking for free naked pictures from local girls as his post said “Please respond to anonymous email above with pictures (underwear, bikini or nude please).”

Essay Guru!

Lastly, I moved onto the services section where I noticed write/ed/tr8. Thinking to myself, “surely, this must be more writing type gigs”, followed by “stop calling me Shirley”, I opened the board. As I had hoped there was someone whoring out his writing abilities as an “Essay Guru”. Either click the link or the image. Go ahead, it isn’t NSFW or anything; no, seriously, it’s just an example of fail, not porn.

Can anyone see where he failed himself?

I’ll give you a hint: it is in this sentence:

“If your in need of a emergency, I can finish assignments in 15 hours if needed."

A few things wrong here…

  1. “your” instead of “you’re”
  • “a emergency” instead of “an emergency”
  • “If your in need of a emergency” doesn’t make sense anyway, why would you need an emergency (other than as a diversion) perhaps it should have been:

“If you have an emergency and need a paper written fast…” This random collection of words as an attempt at blogging has concluded!