March 17, 2009

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Today In: F*** My Life

I discovered a new and most humorous website. It is called “F*** My Life". Personally I’d go with “Fuck My Life”, but apparently they didn’t want to be offensive… either that or they knew the word “Fuck” in a domain name would get them blocked on most reasonable firewalls. Hell, the country of Essex gets blocked because it is all up in the sex (Yay for poor use of regular expressions).

Anyways, back to today’s topic. Freaking hilarious website. Their subheading is “My life sucks but I don’t give a fuck”. That basically sums up everyone who submits a real story to this website, because you know some must be embellishments, to say the least. Of course there are some stories that are more “Wow, you fail” than anything else, and a few that I just wonder how they made it to the site. Over all though, I love reading the “stories” because they make me feel better about myself (see also schadenfreude). You can read these stories for hours and every single one makes you feel a little bit better about yourself knowing “Hey, at least that hasn’t happened to me” and if it has: “At least I didn’t post it on the internet for anonymous people to mock”.

Update: So I forgot to tell John which entry to copyedit and post. So this entry wasn’t totally complete. I’ll write more about my favorite “stories” at a later date.