Benchmarking: Ubuntu 9.04 i386 vs LPIA on Eee PC 1000

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  1. Maddison Richards says:

    i always use my Asus EEE PC when i am out of town because it is very light.

  2. jbernardo says:

    More benchmarking would be interesting, now that the ubuntu devs are dropping LPIA support claiming it has no advantage over i386 generic binaries –

    If the advantages can go up to 21% improvement in speed, maybe that is enough to get some of us together to keep LPIA support alive.

  3. DunxD says:

    I’d be interested to see if you did any other benchmarking as the optimisation may be more to do with conserving power than making things happen faster.
    If you do this sort of test, I look forward to reading the results.


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