Dear Game Design Companies,

Have you heard of inverted controls?

I’m sure you have, you put the option into all of your games. NOW PUT IT INTO YOUR GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING GAME DEMOS YOU STUPID FUCKS. It’s one god damn fucking option, it really isn’t that hard. I was raised on flight sims, and similar games that had inverted controls. In order for me to be able to play any video game, I MUST invert the Y axis. I, like many others, have it hard coded to “Pull Up”. Recently, it was suggested to me that I try out the demo for WET. I couldn’t get through THE FUCKING TUTORIAL. Why? Because the “Options” Screen for controls is A FUCKING JOKE. You tell me what buttons to hit on the controller, but don’t let me change anything. Seriously, how hard could it be to throw in 1 token option for the demo; you could even throw in a few extras for fun. I know that programming up to equal down isn’t difficult, I could write it in half a dozen languages right now. So because you fucks are so god damn lazy and can’t put one fucking option into your demos, you won’t have my money. I threw down the controller in frustration after trying to play WET after all of 3 minutes, I’m not going to re-write the way I play for your shitty ass demo. So instead of getting my money, how about I shove an Xbox controller up your ass.

Signed –
– Someone who’s NEVER going to be your customer.

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2 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Wow, fuck that noise. That is completely unbelievable that it didn’t make it into the release. Demo is almost excusable, I mean whats 5 minutes extra worth of work between friends…. but no invert on release? Who the fuck do they think plays these games?

    Well… scratch that up as a game I’m never gonna play…ever.

  2. James says:

    Apparently this feature never made it into the actual release either, just tried the game and it’s like learning how drive or ride a bike all over again. Pure dogshit. And as far as the game itself it’s horrible. I can’t believe that Bethesda did this, after a hit like Fallout 3 they have really gone down hill. RENT BEFORE YOU BUY! Convoluted controls, sub-par graphics and a joke of a story will make you regret paying 60$ for this. I promise you…

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