Serendipity to WordPress – Importer version 1.5

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m trying to use your instructions and script at the Github site. I’m working with a clean db and a clean install of WP and the plugin is not showing up in the Tools>Import section. I’ve tried using the newest version (4.0) of WP and also the 2.9.2 version since I found instructions online to use the older version of WP, import the s9y db and then upgrade the WP version. Neither version finds the Serendipity importer plugin.

    Can you offer any help with this? Thank you!

  2. Amit Chokshi says:

    Is there a full on tutorial for a software/blogger dunce like myself? I have a blog on Serendipity and am moving to WordPress. I know nothing about PHP or other stuff like that. I have even tried to do the RSS import which brought stuff in from my Sy9 site into WP but it was all bad content, stil in like some weird code.

    • Jon says:

      Unfortunately not. At this point in time, the process is not simple enough for regular people. The best I can suggest is to grab a techy friend of yours. Sorry.

  1. 2010-11-29

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jon, John. John said: RT @ShakataGaNai: [Blog] Serendipity to WordPress – Importer version 1.5 […]

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