How to patch/update the Augen Gentouch78 Tablet PC

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  1. andrea says:

    This may sound stupid but I’m attempting this fix on my friends old tablet To possibly make it usable however I don’t know which folder is the “is” folder or how to extract it to the c drive plz help

  2. oscar says:

    alguien me puede pasar el parche

  3. tomer says:

    Hi, it’s don’t work for me, the windows recognize it as adb device, but the bat file still saying: and nothing happens, if i press the reset button again, it’s boot as usual without any update, someone can help please?

  4. Bobby bo bob says:

    The reason your Gentouch78 is stuck at the Tuz boot is because you flashed your system with the version 1 firmware. if your device have a white button and 3.5 mm jack then it is version 2. the only way to fix it is to have someone with the version 2 copy there boot recovery and system image and flash it to your version 2 gentouch with fastboot. now i have a bricked gentouch78 i got for really cheap and need the version 2 image files. anyone with these could you put up a download link all others iv found are down.

  5. Dustin says:

    I goto run update.bat the cmd comes up runs a fast script then shuts down.. help!

  6. Mike says:

    ok i finally got the augen to be recognized by win7 had to uninstall asus android drivers from dev mngr and reinstall usb microsft drivers from augen update…. did OS update/fastboot / fastboot flash sys… all sending and writing OKAY still when i reboot my GT78 it goes to boot screen and then the little penguin guy and thats where it stays for 2 hrs now rebooted several times

  7. wael says:

    Actualy I just found it..yaaaaay
    I start 2 give up n u john came n helped me,ur a god damn super hero…lol
    Thnx man I really apreciat it.

  8. wael says:

    I did try 2 google the file name but none of the of the suggestions is usable said web page not found or is temporarily down…. I guse im gonna use my final option… Throw that mf away

  9. wael says:

    please could any one give me a link 2 update my gentouch78..
    that link in a top of this page doesnt work, any heroes can help me??lol

  10. Laura says:

    How do you do updates on the Gentouch 78 tablet? when I click on the patch & the other one they say not found. Also she wants to go to youtube but, can not..I downloaded the app but, still won’t let her go there or play the music…Help!

    • John says:

      I don’t have any information on where you can find a current version of the firmware. I don’t know what you mean about youtube or playing the music.

  11. AJ says:

    THANK YOU! These installation instructions saved my life. My tablet is now noticeably faster =)

  12. johnny says:

    is there a new link for the patch?

  13. Jerrick says:

    help how can i install the drivers on windows 7???? need help asap

  14. Tina says:

    I have a gentouch 78 and its stuck on the TUZ screen and I can’t get it to do anything..HELP..i just got this and I want to be able to use it. But can’t get it to do anything..

  15. jake says:

    error 404 wth

  16. Rick says:

    I did the same thing to my version 2 this morning. Followed the instructions from this site and had good luck:

  17. dita says:

    I used v1 to update v2, it was bricked. It was stuck at home screen, what should i do?

  18. dita says:

    HELP ME.. MY Augen cant be touch!! It was stuck on homescreen. HOnestly I used version1:(

  19. Nesha says:

    Please help!! when ever i click on the link for the patch and instructions i just get a blank page that says bad response from server. any suggestions???

  20. bobbob says:

    1st gen gentouch, ver 1 loaded, model NBA7800ATP
    i keep trying this without success. at step 7, it discovers my device every time, then what? let it load the drivers? cancel? what?
    regardless of what I try, update.bat just sits waiting for device, never finds anything or starts doing anything else.
    I’ve loaded ADB, everything seems to work in that regard. no problems or errors connecting device.
    Cant’ get this update to work. is there a way to load this from SD card?

    • John says:

      From what I recall (I got rid of my device), you need to hold down the Back button until either Found New Hardware pops up on your computer or the command window starts doing something. Then, let go of the Back button and let it do its thing.

      I do not know of any way to load this from an SD card.

  21. Paul says:

    Will this work for the 2nd Generation Gentouch78? That one has accelerometer and a white power button (not black)

  22. Dewan says:

    I got it installed but its not working. Any suggestions?

  23. Jerry says:

    hi, i do it.
    it is a middle-good tablet.

    now i would like to put windows mobile
    into my gentouch78 it is possible?


    can somebody help me?


  24. Ed says:

    This worked great! I did not use the update listed within instead I used the one listed here: But the process listed here works.
    The only thing is that you need to install the windows drivers (if you are using windows).

  25. Bob barnard says:

    Will this work for version 2, and if not could someone please diect me to a location with instructions… Thanks

    • John says:

      If you are asking if this will work when upgrading from version 2 to version 3 of the firmware, I believe so, but I can’t test. If you are asking about something else, I suggest you clarify.

  26. cody says:

    well i got everything installed but i cant download anything from the android market place everytime i try it says down load unsucsessful any ideas to get it to work?

    • John says:

      Off-hand, you might try downloading just one thing from the store and then not doing anything else until it has finished.

      To my recollection, there were a couple of items that I tried to download that didn’t work the first time.

  27. Mark says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you so much for this it was exactly what was required. You appear to have missed out a step in your instructions (extract the USB adapter and point to its location) but I am SO grateful for this how-to. Thanks very much!

  28. Troy Carlton says:

    I followed all the instructions, but now the device won’t boot? What’s up?

    • John says:

      First off, make sure you have power going to the device (i.e it is plugged into the wall). Then try using the paper-clip reset switch (mine made noise when I used it). Finally, try pressing the power button again.

      • CATHY says:


        You seem to be knowledgeable. My Gentouch78 is stuck in the sleep mode. I’ve tried to reset with the paper clip and it flashes the start up page, and then goes back to sleep. Any suggestions? It stays in sleep until the battery runs down. I can’t even shut it off. None of the buttons work.


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